Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Humiliation is the best thing to happen for Motivation. - Inspiring quotes

        Humiliation is the worst thing to happen hence makes you stand where you have nothing to loose which intern converts to dare which intern is confidence and confidence is the best weapon till date to have by your side.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Without credible motivation your deeds loose value. #quotes

         One should always have a genuine motivation that has it's origin from truth.

People change by your action, not by your opinion. #lifequotes #quotes

          I only see people giving importance to actions and their results rather than anyone's opinion. The max a opinion has done till date is creating controversy.

We are not even free to know what we actually need. #intolerance

            I give the new busy generation a headsup for this they don't even know what they want, least bothered about it, no time to think about it. Hence tolarently waiting for a magic which is obviously a myth. Why have people stopped interacting with soul.

Every feeling is only related to ones own thoughts. #quotes #personalityquotes

      Hence try feeding your brain only nice things nice people to think about. Which intern is your thinking and converts into your feeling. That is the reason I believe our elders always used to say to stay away from bad people. Whenever you feel low, sad and depressed move your thoughts do it however you want change place, article you are reading, people you are talking to, change company, if you really want to have fun with the same people, place give them some time and you to take a break and think why you really enjoyed there or the had times you fought and overcame together. And at the end same pains are unavoidable hence enjoy them too it's one life enjoy, experience what you want and what is destined.