Monday, January 5, 2015

“Humans are more concerned of Having than Being.”- Joke, Quote, Cartoon on Cleaning

Appreciation office party and Cleaning Funny Humor Cartoons, Quotes and Jokes
    The workers in a large office were making secret plans to stage a big office party for the 70-year old cleaning woman who had spent the better part of her life with the company.

    Somehow the secret leaked out and the woman got wind of it.

    Much perturbed, she rushed to the office manager. "Please sir," she cried, "Do not let them do it! Do not let them do it!"

    "Oh, come now, Mrs. Smith, you must not be so modest. After all, they simply want to show how much you are appreciated."

    "Appreciated, my foot," exclaimed the woman. "I am not going to clean up after a mess like that!"

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